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Preliminary Game List

The Rebels Strike Back - AWI "Disperse Ye Damned Rebels" (40mm) John Murdaugh GM (will be run twice)

Battle of Poison Springs - ACW "The Sword and The Secession" (54mm) Marc Fluit and Mark Stevens GM's

Raid on the Trading Outpost - FIW "The Sword in the Forest" Marc Fluitt GM

The Temple - African Exploration "The Sword in Africa" Dwight Jones GM

East of Caretan - WWII "M1's and Arisakas" Ed Sansing GM

Assault on the Rock/Corregidor - WWII "M1's and Arisakas" Ed Sansing GM

Elephants, Camels & Horses, Oh My! - "The Sword and The Flame" (54mm) Paul Arceneaux GM

Return to The Green Nile - "The Sword and The Flame" (vintage 25mm) Jim Pitts GM

On the Niargra Front - War of 1812 "The Sound of the Guns"  Tim Chadwick GM

The Temple - Indian Mutiny "The Sword in India" Mark Stevens GM

Battle at the Village of Dos Idiotas- Napoleonic/Peninsula War "Before I Was A Marshal" - Jay Stribling GM

Beyond the Chalma Valley - NWF "800 Fighting Englishmen"  Gerry Webb GM

At the Wells with  the Desert Column - Sudan"The Sword and The Flame" Grand Tactical variant/15mm Rich Smethurst GM (will be run twice)

Bugs and More Bugs - "The Hive and The Flame" Terry Sofian GM




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