TSATF/40 in the Time of Covid

Today we made what we feel is the right decision and are announcing that we're unable to give a definite release date for The Sword and The Flame 40thAnniversary edition.

My job with a landscape architect firm was transitioned to a new owner and office time was zero for several weeks while we tried working remotely when we could.  We lost 3 clients to Covid early on and several others had to quarantine.  Schools reopened in the last few weeks but are using a combination of remote and on-site classes.  Universities in
the city have had to quarantine students in dorms. Our city is in Phase 3'2; restaurants can only be 50%, bars are limited in operating, and take-out is delivery/encouraged.  We haven't eaten in a restaurant since March 21.  Recently it was suggested that 40% of our restaurants will not survive.

Since we are a tourist-based economy, unemployment has been devastating to many.  Food banks are working constantly, churches and community groups pick up the slack
when they can.  Donations are down because people are out of work. Christy and I have been regularly donating clothing, furniture and household items to Goodwill and Salvation
Army, as well as money when we can to the Red Cross.  Which leads me to the three separate hurricanes (Marco, 8/20, Laura 8/27, Sally 9/17) that were predicted to hit the city but didn't. Laura devastated southwestern Louisiana, especially Lake Charles, where my graphics guy's family lives.

Several people involved in TSATF40 have lost family and friends to Covid-19 as well as their regular employment.  Our print shop is affected with reduced hours and staff.  This is why we're putting TSATF40 on indefinite hold.  Many of you have contacted us and we tried to answer as best we could at the time; if we seemed vague, we apologize but this is how it stands right now.  I'm not discounting the possibility that it will be fast-tracked sooner rather than later.  For those of you who wish your $28.00 pre-order to be refunded,just let us know via email with "TSATF40 refund" as the subject.

These are indeed extremely trying times but to paraphrase Rick Blaine in my favorite film, "Casablanca":

"Gamers, Iím no good at being noble, but it doesnít take much to see that the problems of TSATF40's release doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world."

Thanks, and stay safe~

September 30, 2020




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