TSATF/40 Release Date Delayed

Due to an ultimatum from my doctors who are concerned about my continued recovery and overall health, we are very reluctantly pushing the release date of TSATF/40 into early 2020.  This bothers us no end, but we have no choice.   

As a nod to the cinematic history of TSATF, the motto for any film at MGM Studios was, "Do it big, do it right, give it class."  We think TSATF/40 deserves the same and even though we've "missed a release", it will be worth the wait.
And you can now pre-order TSATF/40  by going to Order TSATF and looking for the red design pictured to the right.  The cost is $ 28.00 US and we will adjust for S&H when the rules are released.


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