The Latest News from Sergeants 3

We have made a difficult decision for 2019.

We are not going to have BromCon this year.  My recovery from the fractured pelvis is slower than anticipated and even though I'm doing very well, this needs to be my priority as well as dealing with all the unforeseen medical costs.

Also my job situation is once again very fluid as the firm may be sold/transitioned to one of my colleagues while the owner decides when to retire. Getting time off to work on BromCon is extremely rare as our office schedules can change immediately.

But the biggest thing is that we want to concentrate all of our efforts on the release of TSATF/40 at the end of this year. This is quite an accomplishment in our hobby and it deserves our best. We have been working on it since last year before I fell off the ladder, and we expect to go into full-time mode next week. 

So it came down to what takes priority; BromCon or TSATF?  We feel that the 40th anniversary of The Sword and The Flame is due nothing less from us than being at the top of our To-Do List.

We'll keep everyone posted as we move forward and as always, many thanks for your support and understanding.

                            Sergeants 3
"40 years of making history on a small scale!"

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